Cinematic Releases: Red Tails

As George Lucas announces his retirement, we are delivered his latest failure, Red Tails. The film is the perfect example of his absolute disregard for realistic dialogue, likable characters, and fluidity in film making. Although he's not the director, his heavy hand can be felt all over this absolute mess of a movie. It really hurts me to say that. I was praying that Red Tails would be a return to form for the man that brought the World War II dog fight to space in 1977. Unfortunately, this movie is a poor example of how a war movie should be done. It's all effects laden luster that lacks the grit necessary to make a great war movie.

The casting of Cuba Gooding Jr. and Terrence Howard almost guaranteed some worthwhile acting. Sadly, they both fail under the lead of an inexperienced puppet director that is obviously having his strings pulled by Mr. Lucas himself. Once again, the performances are wooden and without any emotion. This is the exact same problem that reared it's ugly head in the Star Wars prequels. I was literally have flashbacks to the dreadful line delivery in The Phantom Menace. Several times I found myself grimacing at the absolute disrespect for the audience and I actually considered walking out. This is how bad this movie is.

Of course the best part of Red Tails are the extremely detailed graphics and sound design. But, it's what we expect from Lucasfilm. There is nothing ground breaking here. The dog fight scenes are entertaining at best but we're never given any edge of your seat action. Instead, it just trudges along with battles we've all seen time and time again.

Red Tails is a film that Lucas has wanted to make for years. This was his pet project that he was hoping would be a high note before his so called "retirement" from blockbuster film making. At this point, I have lost almost all respect for the man and truly hope he keeps his greedy little ewok paws of the next Indy film. As much as I hate to say it, I think that Red Tails is almost a slap in the face to the real Tuskegee pilots.