Cult Cinema: The Last Circus

The Spanish film, The Last Circus is an exercise in how film making should be done. It's an entertaining movie that features scenes of excitement, gore, violence, emotional depth, comedy, action, character development, and most of all an intriguing plot that is different than anything I've ever seen in my life. The Last Circus is one of the most unique movies I've seen in the last year and definitely ranks amongst the current list of blu rays I must own.

The film is a dynamic assault that delivers a visual feast for the viewer. This is not your typical clown movie (if there is such a thing). The Last Circus is a rarity in these times and the director should be respected for his dedication in creating this near perfect film about vengeance, romance, and brutal clown on clown violence.

As I consider the films I've seen recently, I keep finding myself falling further away from American cinema and all it's hopeless trappings. I've been catching up on foreign films from the past several years and keep finding that I like them much more.