Guest Post: Movie Rentals

Thanks to Roman May

Last year we decided to get Netflix to rent movies. I really enjoyed having new movies come in the mail each week, and I always got to rent the movies that I wanted instead of arguing with my husband over which movies to rent. I liked it that we could manage our movie cue online, and since we have wild blue satellite internet, it was easy to do so. My husband decided that we should switch to Blockbuster rentals last month because it is a little cheaper. We have been happy with it so far, but for Christmas my husband got a new Blueray player that has internet connections. That would allow us to stream movies live instead of having to wait for them in the mail. That is offered with Netflix, but not with Blockbuster. I told my husband that we should switch back to Netflix, even if it is a little more expensive. I actually do not have a ton of free time to watch movies, but I like that we can watch movies without having to leave our house.