New To Blu: The Ides of March

The Ides of March is a modern political tale that could be ripped directly from any of today's high profile televised election coverage. It's a movie that plays to it's strong points but struggles to maintain the viewer's interest by under playing the dramatics that are taking place.

The foundation of this film is truly in the actors that portray these characters. Gosling, Hoffman and Clooney are definitely the backbone of the film. Each of them do a great job with the material they're presented.  Unfortunately, the unraveling of the film is the poor execution of a story that could have been much more powerful. All the dramatic moments seem to fall flat and are simply underwhelming. These flaws could have been fixed by a more experienced director.While Clooney has some experience in the director's seat, I just don't think he has the resume or skill to attack such a dense story. Maybe in the future he will.

While it's a decent movie , I never felt absolutely engrossed in the story. Typically, I enjoy political dramas like these. The Ides of March is just lacking that certain dynamic that sucks me in.