New To Blu: Moneyball

Typically not a fan of sports, I was shocked for the second time by my absolute love of a sports movie. Moneyball is definitely one of 2011's best films. Where most films about baseball fall into the typical trappings of a sports film, Moneyball escapes and provides an inside look in to the business and politics of a team sport that I've never been a fan of. When introduced to the film, I had no idea that it was a true story. After finally seeing the movie, I did some research and found that the film was extremely faithful to the story of Billy Beane and his "game changing" approach to baseball.

 Although the story is well written and produced, the real strong point here is Brad Pitt's performance. I feel this is one of his best roles as of late and truly adds new depth to his long resume of dynamic diversity in character choices. Pitt has never been one to allow himself to be typecast. Moneyball only solidifies this fact as he out performs everyone around him.

Baseball fan or not, I think you'll enjoy the story of Moneyball. It's a piece about self confidence and believing that an old system can be overhauled to great effect. See it.