New To Blu: Paranormal Activity 3

As an avid movie goer and a fan of all types of films, I always try to give every movie a fair shake. I even tried my hardest to give Paranormal Activity 3 the same level of respect. I found it didn't deserve my time or the energy I'm putting in to this review. It is further proof of Hollywood's franchise milking tendencies and contempt for their paying audience.

The first entry in the series was given way too much attention and the second was slightly better (probably the best). This third is just the same old rehash of everything we've seen before except this time it involves kids. This adds a slightly refreshing twist on the idea but it's not enough to save a horrible movie from it's own awful premise. The scares are few and the plot is extremely thin as we're lead through another 90 minutes of terrible hand held video that does very little to impress.

Any one that calls this a horror film should be ashamed. It's cheap genre trash that should be taken out and burned. The hand held documentary horror came and went with the Blair Witch Project back in 1999. Why are we still stuck in the past trying to recreate that film's success?