150th Post - New To Blu: Shark Night

Following last year's semi-successful Piranha, we are now given the god awful train wreck of a film, Shark Night. This film lacks all the qualities that made Piranha a successful genre entry. There is no humor, the acting is wretched, the script non-existent, and the effects are a genuine travesty. The only saving grace about this movie are the two or three genuine scares. Other than that, I really don't have anything positive to say about this.

What Donal Logue is doing in this movie, I do not know. I think his agent needs a serious reprimand. Katherine McPhee also stars as tasty shark bait. There are no other notable stars in this mess of a film. The Sy Fy channel monster movies are much more entertaining than this fecal matter. Skip it. Shark Night sleeps with the fishes.