Cinematic Releases: Act of Valor

I entered Act of Valor with extremely low expectations. Most early reviews have ripped the movie to shreds and called it a military propaganda piece with the intention of recruiting fresh troops. I didn't get that at all. While it is a military film that glorifies violence and our country's constant illegal activities in foreign countries, I walked away with much more.

Act of Valor is an innovative film that pushes the boundaries of realism in film making. Never before have real Navy SEALS been the main focal point or stars of an action film. No, their acting is nothing to write home about. Their line delivery is stagnant and dry most of the time. But, I actually found their performances to be somewhat endearing and realistic to the surroundings and story that was being told.

The action sequences are extremely intense. If you're a fan of the COD: Modern Warfare series, you will love this film. At times it's like the game has come to life, but with much better graphics. I loved the attention to detail and the choices they made in the action sequences. All the battle scenes are realistic and get straight to the point. War is intense. Human lives are lost.

Act of Valor is not the best military movie ever made and it's not going to win any awards. However, it's a film with a strong message of family and the bonds between friends. If you can accept that these guys aren't real actors, I think you'll enjoy yourself.