Cinematic Releases: Chronicle

A few weeks ago I was commenting how the "found footage" genre came and went with The Blair Witch Project. In my opinion, there have been  two exceptions to that rule. The first being Cloverfield. The second being last weeks cinematic release, Chronicle.

Where all the others fail, Chronicle succeeds at every turn. This is a character driven study that forces us to think about the nature of human kind and what we might do if we were handed extraordinary power. Would the power be used for good or evil? Or would it be completely misunderstood and ultimately destroyed out of fear?

These are the questions that NBC's Heroes should have been answering in it's four season run. Chronicle is exactly what I wanted and expected out of that show. As I exited the theater, I kept thinking that if Heroes had been half as creative and focused as Chronicle, it would have succeeded.

There is nothing much to complain about with Chronicle. The effects are absolutely stunning. The sound design is great. The use of the camera is by far the best I've ever seen in a "found footage" film.  While it's a bit shaky at times, it's used to it's full advantage.I quite admire their creative camera swapping throughout the movie. That's something I've never experienced in this genre and adds a nice little twist throughout.

If you've not seen Chronicle, I say do it. Do it now.