Guest Post: Watching The X-Files

Guest post from: Bruno Smith

I started watching a show on directv that is an oldie but goodie. I also never thought that I would like it, because I remember being scared of the show when I was a kid. My parents would never let me watch the “X-Files”. When I saw re-runs on tv one day when I was flipping through the channels, the remote stopped. I figured that I would give the show another chance. After all, I am much older and “wiser” than I was when I was a kid. I certainly don’t get as scared as I used to. I watched one episode and I was hooked. In my free time, I secretly hope that when I turn on the tv that “X-Files” will be on. I haven’t seen one that I haven’t liked yet. I have even considered buying the DVD set so that I could watch it from the beginning ( first episode) to the end. I’m sure that would take a long time, but it would be something fun to do if it is raining outside. I wish that there were a channel that played a marathon!