New To Blu: The Descendants

The Descendants is a moving family drama that paints a vivid picture of the modern American family. The film is a serious piece of work that never strays from it's strong message about the bonds of family and how easily they can be broken. The Descendants is a realistic film that portrays a father and his willingness to move forward despite a family that takes him for granted.

Clooney is at his best here. His recent Oscar nomination was a well deserved nod as he moved in to unfamiliar territory with this boundary stretching performance. We've seen him do drama before, but not like this. His distinct portrayal of an American father facing a desperate situation sets the tone of realism for this whole work of dramatic perfection.

The Descendants is a heavy film that will take a small toll on your emotions but will ultimately leave you with a feeling of satisfaction as the characters make positive momentum and move on with their lives despite the events unfolding before them. This is some of the best dramatic work of the last year and you should dedicate the time to seeing this movie.