New To Blu: The Dead

The zombie genre has been raked over the coals the past few years with countless low budget entries and shameless failed opportunities at milking the last drop of blood from the undead. The Dead only furthers my belief that the zombie genre will be dried up and buried in the next couple years. Thankfully, The Walking Dead has slightly reinvigorated the genre with an unfamiliar character study about humans banding together and surviving the zombie apocalypse.

The Dead really took a chance and went down a different path by displacing the zombie outbreak to the warlord ravaged lands of Africa. Yet, the movie is a boring mess that never fails to tread the same bloody road as every zombie movie before it. The acting skills of the lead are a whole different story. Terrible.

"The Best Zombie Movie Of The Year"? It's easy to claim it's a good zombie flick when everything else sucks too. Please bring back the days of 28 Days Later when the zombie genre appeared fresh through the eyes of  Danny Boyle.