New To Blu: Hugo

Martin Scorsese is quite possibly my favorite director of all time. Gangs of New York, Casino and Goodfellas rank amongst my favorite films ever. In years past, the man could do no wrong. Then came the predictable, uninspired thriller called Shutter Island. I became slightly concerned about the slight curve ball he threw us with that cliche ridden disaster of a movie. Well, I'm proud to say that Marty is back to form with his latest picture, Hugo.

Hugo is another departure for Scorsese as he veers in to something I would categorize as a family adventure film with a small twist of mystery thrown in. I'm happy to report that the film is an absolute success with it's timeless story of youth and the desire to dream. As a fan of film, it's fictionalized lesson in silent film making was a breathtaking ode to the history of movies and lends a brief glimpse inside the films that influenced Scorsese's formidable career in the craft.

Hugo may not be for everyone, but I really enjoyed myself. I think that parents and kids will like to watch this one together. It's an ambitious piece that furthers Scorsese's legacy as one of the best directors ever.