New To Blu: Take Shelter

Take Shelter is an engrossing movie that skillfully blurs the line between family drama and art house indie film. Honestly, films like Take Shelter are the only reason I haven't completely given up hope on American cinema in all it's atrocious blockbuster glory. The movie is a masterpiece.

Michael Shannon is hands down the best actor of our generation. His performance in this movie is a convincing emotional powerhouse that goes above and beyond anything he's done before. His performance in Take Shelter is far beyond his gripping agent in Boardwalk Empire. Give this man an Oscar already. He deserves it.

Take Shelter gives me hope that we may be entering a resurgence of the film as art in domestic modern releases. It's a dynamic piece that will definitely effect your mind set and speak directly to those that have gone through some type of mental illness. I can honestly say, I loved this movie.