New To Blu: A Very Harold And Kumar Christmas

It's a Harold and Kumar movie. What could go wrong? Nothing. The movie is another great entry in the buddy franchise about smoking weed, a sex crazed Neil Patrick Harris, and all things perverse. John Cho and Kal Penn score again with another worthwhile comedy that will turn your stomach, question your value system, and make you laugh all at the same time.

A Very Harold And Kumar Christmas is definitely not as funny or as grandiose as their White Castle or Guantanamo Bay adventures, but it still maintains the level of potty mouthed, weed induced humor I'd expect from these guys. Cho and Penn have these characters nailed and I certainly hope they continue making these movies. However, this one flopped at the box office. So, I'm guessing there's a good chance we'll not see them again or they may be relegated to the direct to dvd market. Personally, I'd rather see them go out on a HIGH note with this latest sequel.

If you're a fan of the last two, you'll dig this one in all it's epic glory!