Cinematic Releases: Project X

Outrageous. Hilarious. Reckless. Those are the three words I would use to describe the movie known as Project X. The movie is the fictional account of a high school party told through the eyes of an amateur documentary film maker and through the use of various cell phone cams.

For the second time this year I can say that the found footage, documentary style of film making has been put to good use with this absolute throwback to the party films of the 1980s. This film updates that long lost genre with a modern twist on the comedies I grew up with and ups the ante with the outrageously entertaining antics of three best friends in their quest for popularity. Not only is this movie funny, it's the first time I've laughed out loud in a theater in months.For that, I am thankful.

Project X is definitely this year's Superbad and has the same extreme potty mouth humor and uproarious comedic moments. Once again, I am shocked and amazed to have actually liked a movie that I was prepared to hate. Maybe I'm growing lax in my old age.