New To Blu: Corman's World

Any fan of film should do themselves a favor and take the time to watch Corman's World. It is an insightful documentary inside the genre bending career of the highly talented Roger Corman.The man has been one of the most influential people in Hollywood and is often times over looked as a driving force behind the creation of American independent cinema.

Corman's World is a complimentary feature that chronicles his time in Hollywood as the producer of over 400 films, some hits and some misses. It's a look inside his mind and how Hollywood's "tent pole" mentality has stifled the market with big budget films lacking any real creative merit.

I've never been a big follower of Corman but know how influential he's been on some of my favorite directors including Scorsese and Spielberg. Whether you're a Corman fan or not should not effect your desire to see this movie. It's a thoughtful piece that further builds upon the man's legacy as the grandfather of the indie film.