Cinematic Releases: The Cabin In The Woods

Unfortunately, I did not enjoy The Cabin In The Woods as much as I hoped to. While I understood and respected the film's original take on horror, I just couldn't really feel the direction the film makers were trying to go. While I enjoyed their creative attack and new perspective on the tired genre, something was just missing for me.

As a whole, I felt like the movie was rushed and never really reached the creative goals it could have achieved with just a little more effort in the writing department. Far too many things were left unexplained and the climax of the film felt tired and was absolutely underwhelming for me. However, the idea was grand.

The visuals were spectacular and the creature design was excellent. Yet, it wasn't enough to carry the whole film. If a little more time had been spent on developing a back story, I think we may have seen a much better horror movie if not something we'd be talking about years from now.

The film was definitely directed at the modern video game generation with creatures ripped directly from Silent Hill.  And this in not necessarily a bad thing. Maybe I'm far too judgmental in my jaded, hyper critical mind. But, something about the film just didn't sit right with me. I'll give it another shot when it's released on blu.