Cinematic Releases: The Kid With A Bike

The Kid With A Bike is a moving dramatic piece that chronicles a young boy's emotional journey through abandonment and turmoil. While it's not a simple venture, it's one that must be experienced first hand. The film is a beautiful portrait of misled youth and the final discovery of inner peace.

The film is extremely slow paced but engaging throughout. The Kid With A Bike is a movie that thrives in realism and the way people actually interact with each other. It never hesitates to show real emotion and an actual human dynamic instead of empty dialogue and vacant portrayals. These are the things that American cinema is generally lacking.

Thomas Doret plays the main character with a unique simplicity that makes his portrayal of Cyril one of the most believable child roles I've seen in years. While he's frustrating and extremely hard to watch, you'll understand the back story that has led him to behave this way and never blame him for his actions. Instead, you just sit there in anticipation that he'll do the right thing.

Because of the slow pace, The Kid With A Bike may not appeal to most people. However, it's a great story that truly chronicles a young boy's emotional journey.