Cinematic Releases: Lockout

Never in a million years did I expect to be giving Lockout a positive review. While the previews looked awesome, the critics gave it a series of  extremely lukewarm to absolutely negative reviews. I, on the other hand, enjoyed myself and watched the movie with the perception that this was going to be a fun ride loaded with killer effects.

Lockout is a pure unadulterated piece of escapist cinema that never fails to pay homage to the films that inspired it's heavily cliched plot line and dialogue. However, I let it all slide with the knowledge that the film makers were quite obviously doing their due diligence in writing a movie that would entertain die hard fans of sci-fi and action.

Yes, Guy Pearce has regressed and is wasted on a one dimensional action role that is a  throwback to the Schwarzenegger films of the 80s. The stunning Maggie Grace is repeating her virginal character from Taken. And the main villain is doing his best crazy Robert Carlyle impersonation. For some reason, I just didn't care. Lockout is an action packed prison escape movie that relies on two things: awesome effects and kicking some ass.

Wow. I went in to this movie expecting a pile of dung and walked out with a fun movie under my   belt that gets me even closer to my goal of 200 reviews/posts this year. Kick ass (I said it again).