New To Blu: The Divide

Much like Blindness, The Divide is an end of the world drama that delves in to the inherent evil that lies dormant in all men. It's a sickening tale of human brutality at the fiery end of the world as we know it. And, I don't feel fine. This is a tale of desperation, hunger and rape that never fails to enter in to disturbing territory.

For a film that was quite obviously made on extremely tight budget, The Divide looks great and could go head to head with any major cinematic release. Where the film struggles is in the script department. Each time I thought they had written themselves out of troubled dialogue, the "f" bombs start dropping again and I was reminded of the scriptless movies we made in high school. Using that word always seems to fill space in a dialogue lacking any true meaning.

So, The Divide is a decent movie that will appeal to most fans of apocalypse films but may be a bit heavy for those with a weak stomach. There are some scenes of extreme sexual violence and the themes are extremely depressing. Yet, I would suggest it based on the fact that Michael Biehn rules and Milo Ventimiglia breaks out of the Peter Petrelli role.

Warning: This film is extremely heavy on the element of rape.