New To Blu: Shame

Shame is a sordid portrait of desperation, depravity and sexual addiction set against the modern backdrop of New York City. As a drama, it's a standout piece of work that delivers an emotional journey brimming with scenes of eroticism and sexuality gone awry. The film questions contemporary sexuality and the erotic disconnect fueled by technology and the internet.

Michael Fassbender is once again on top of his game with another distinct performance added to his resume of greatness. This man cannot lose. Every role he chooses is another in a string of  independent master works. As an actor, the man has mastered his craft early on and is utterly fearless.

In an age when nothing is off limits, Shame pushes past the threshold of comfort and forces you to take a cold hard look at the effects of sexual addiction and all it's ramifications. The film does not glorify but presents a realistic view of one man's struggle and impulsive nature during his long battle with sexual obsession.

Definitely take the time to watch Shame. It's one of the best films of last year.

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