New To Blu: We Bought A Zoo

I'll be the first to admit, heartwarming dramas are not usually my cup of tea. Most of the time, I'll do anything to avoid them. But, I decided to give this one a chance. I found that it's a good family movie that only features one foul word in it's two hour run time. This is nice for a change. Most movies don't deliver on their promise of a pure heartfelt piece of family cinema. Instead, we end up with cheap fart jokes and violence. We Bought A Zoo follows through.

The other thing that was nice about We Bought A Zoo is Matt Damon's departure from action fare into this genuinely human role. He plays this widowed zoo owner with simplicity and a gentle nature. Scarlett Johansson is equally responsible for delivering a nice movie that would be acceptable for viewers of any age.

I thought this would be a laugh out loud joke of a movie but found it was a slight return to the milder family films that I grew up with. It was a nice change and made me feel that there is still some hope for a return to quality movies. Thank you Cameron Crowe for giving us a movie I can let my kids watch without feeling guilty or questioning my decision.