Cinematic Releases: The Avengers

To say that The Avengers is absolute movie perfection would be a large understatement. It is hands down the best comic book movie I've ever seen and will sit at the top of my list of favorite action movies ever. The Avengers is the strikingly awesome edge of your seat, fun action film I've been waiting for since The Empire Strikes Back. It's that good. Nothing perches atop my list like Empire and I honestly feel I've found it's first ever competition.

This movie scores on every level. The fight sequences are rendered beyond my simple minded comprehension while every scene delivers seamless effects oozing with the realistic grit that's been lacking in some of Marvel's entries as of late. I never questioned one plot point or the threat rendered by Asgard's bad boy, Loki. I just sat back and enjoyed the thrill ride that is Marvel's crowning cinematic achievement. This is how comic book movies should be done: action packed, hilarious, and genuinely planned out by an actual fan of the material. The goods were delivered and they were topped off with a shiny red and gold ribbon. Tony Stark rules the school, my friends.

My biggest concern going in to the film was their use of The Hulk. His story has been told twice in recent years to marginal success. Personally, I preferred the Edward Norton Hulk versus the Ang Lee melodrama. However, I found this Hulk to be the truest to form. Mark Ruffalo takes the character to new heights and delivers a Bruce Banner with a depth of emotion that the former just didn't quite grasp. The facial features and CGI work on this Hulk are far beyond anything we've seen before. I honestly felt I was watching the comic come to life.

All in all, I can't find one major complaint about The Avengers. It's the first big release of the summer season and I'm happy to say I think we're in for more glorious film efforts this year. Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises are still to come. But, I think they have a stiff competitor from the onset. The Avengers will dominate the summer box office and rightly so. This movie rocks.

.............................and I never mentioned the best 3D I've ever seen. Avatar has nothing on The Avengers.

p.s. I'm writing this at 3am, so please pardon any misspellings or grammatical errors. Thanks.

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