Cinematic Releases: Men In Black 3

Men In Black 3 is exactly what a good sequel should be. It maintains the integrity of the original while building a new story that further develops the relationships of the characters we know and love. It is one of the rare instances where a sequel is almost as good as the original and truly pushes the franchise to new creative heights through the use of time travel, comedy and excellent casting choices. Josh Brolin's Tommy Lee Jones impersonation is spot on.

When MIB III was announced, I shook my head and wondered why they wanted to continue. MIB II was a shadow of it's predecessor with it's awful story and rushed delivery. The early news of on set drama and a scriptless production only fueled my fear that part 3 would be a disaster of a movie that could possibly kill the franchise.I was completely wrong.

MIB III should be the standard when sequels are considered. Production companies should look to this film for inspiration when considering new entries in a dying franchise. It may inspire them to do better while trying to reinvigorate the creative process. This is an entertaining movie that never stumbles in it's apparent knack for fun, humor and all around respect for it's audience. I'm really glad I could spend an afternoon with my son, eating popcorn and laughing at Jones, Smith and Brolin in their comedic sci-fi adventure.