Genre News: Green Arrow

The CW is making a Green Arrow spin off called "Arrow" because "GREEN Arrow" isn't MTV enough. I can see the commercials now, "Catch The G-A at 11pm on Fridays where bad shows go to die." Looks like it will be cancelled mid-first-season. But all you comic nerds know that Oliver Queen (The G-A) is best friends to Hal Jordan (The G-L) so, regardless of the strong possibility of Arrow completely sucking, this shows that DC is at least trying to tread water and this could mean the potential for seeing more of the Green Lantern or other DC heroes.

I sincerely hope this isn't as dreadful as it looks, because I really want DC to do better on the big and small screens. There are just as many, if not more, excellent and engrossing stories in the DC universe that studios are not putting the effort into. It's very sad, but I have a feeling that DC's time is coming soon.

-J.G. Barnes