Movie News: Ryan Reynolds Taking Over As Batman?

At first, I was taken by surprise when I read this new rumor online. Is Ryan Reynolds taking over as the Caped Crusader? The internet is buzzing that Warner Bros. is hot to recalibrate the Batman franchise with a new lead and a new director taking over after Bale and Nolan move on to other projects.

Months ago, there was speculation that this current universe would continue on with Bale remaining in the role and Mr. Nolan taking over as a producer. Well, apparently that's not the case. The boys at Warner are talking another reboot with Ryan Reynolds taking over as the man in black. Supposedly, they really liked his portrayal in the underwhelming Green Lantern and are courting him to take the Batman character in a new direction. Duncan Jones of Moon and Source code is in talks to direct. This choice, I'm impressed with.

Personally, I think they should leave the character alone for a while and come back to it with a fresh take instead of milking it dry. What do you think? Comment below............