New To Blu: The Devil Inside

The Devil Inside is the exact reason that people hate paying money to go to the theater. It's absolutely uninspired film making of the lowest caliber that truly made me want to sell my soul instead of sitting through this absolute travesty of a horror film. Not only was I insulted by the horrid story and terrible acting, I was questioning the people that financed this crap. That's exactly what it is. It's a "found footage" festival of human excrement. 

Nothing could make me wish The Devil Inside on my worst enemy. It is the lowest form of cinema that doesn't even qualify to be called entertainment. Anyone that likes this movie has absolutely no taste and should consider inhabiting another planet because you are obviously not human.

Luckily, the "found footage" genre got a swift kick in the ass with Chronicle this year because The Devil Inside is just an outright disaster of a film.

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