New To Blu: Rampart

Releasing this week is the Woody Harrelson police drama, Rampart.

Rampart is another police drama that chronicles the corruption of the LAPD during the 90's. While it's not the worst I've ever seen, it's not the best either. It's a slow moving piece that further solidifies Harrelson as a skilled character actor with enough talent to uplift a  movie from stagnant indie film to a moving portrait of a career and man gone wrong.

Rampart is extremely reminiscent of other corruption films like Bad Lieutenant or Harsh Times but is never as dynamic or as shocking. Like other films of this genre, the film paints a portrait of a corrupt officer but ultimately fails at developing a back story or any real character development. We are consistently allowed to witness his terrible acts but are not privy to the deeds that lead him here. Disappointingly, we're given no character resolve. This is extremely frustrating.

Rampart is an entertaining piece but not something I would recommend to everyone. If you like slow moving police dramas or want a fictionalized history lesson of the corrupted LAPD, I would say give it a watch.