New To Blu: This Means War

I had tickets to see This Means War at a free screening and chose not to go. I'm really disappointed I didn't take advantage of the chance to see this in a theater. It is the exact opposite of what I expected. This is how romantic action/comedy should be done. It has style, a great cast, and doesn't dwell on a silly sub-plot too much. Instead, it spends it's run time developing the outrageous relationships between characters. This always makes for good cinema.

This Means War could be categorized in the same category as Mr. And Mrs. Smith or Knight and Day. However, it's a much better film that uses the strengths and sensibilities of it's actors to their full potential. Much like the buddy cop films of the 80's, This Means War has great comic timing between the two male leads. Both Hardy and Pine do their best to deliver near perfect comedic performances. These two know how to play off each other and it's impressive. Witherspoon looks great and uses her experience and talent to it's full potential.

Never a huge fan of romantic silliness delivered in an action package, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself laughing throughout and enjoying every moment of this film. It's a movie that goes for the laugh but also delivers a sense of close knit friendship and family bonds. I definitely suggest it. You won't be disappointed.