Article: A Strange Summer Indeed. The 2012 Season of Big Budget Flops

Something seems amiss this summer blockbuster season. It appears that we're having a strange year in which many big budget event movies are literally tanking at the box office.

What's going on? Are people tired of seeing movies about toys and games already? Are we so jaded that we can't enjoy a simple film that lacks any and all character development? Or are people finally giving the finger to Hollywood's awful business plan? I can't figure it out but I'm wondering what's going on. It can't all be blamed on the economy. People still desire entertainment even when cash is tight.

This year we've seen Battleship take a dive, Rock of Ages fall off stage, Prometheus nearly crash land, and Dark Shadows enter an early grave. They've all made some money but not nearly what was expected from any of them. Each of these films were meant to be the "big" thing this summer and all have underperformed for their relative studios.

What the hell is going on? We had The Hunger Games literally open the season in a blaze of financial glory and The Avengers flew home with a stack of cash. But, since then it seems like we're seeing dwindling returns on the event movies of the summer. Strange. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter will also prove to be a major box office failure. 

I blame George Lucas. It's gotta be someone's fault.