Cinematic Releases: Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter

Four score and seven years from now, this movie will still suck.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is exactly what everyone expected. It's a terrible mess of a 3D film that relies solely on big budget effects, an absolutely silly plot, and some of the most boring action sequences ever transposed to film. After all, this is the summer of big budget misfires and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter takes the prize as the worst of them all.

I never enjoyed myself for one second throughout this film. Going in, I knew it would take historical liberties and would present a fictionalized account featuring the ax wielding title character. And I thought it might be fun. Instead, I found myself bored to death with underdeveloped characters and some of the worst plot devices I've ever witnessed in cinema.The movie looks and sounds great but lacks any and all depth or connection with the audience. By far, this is the dullest presidential vampire hunting excursion I've ever experienced.

In this strange summer of wasted budgets, Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter just adds to the steaming pile of movies that should have never been made. Sad.