Cinematic Releases: Rock of Ages

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As a child of the 80's, I found Rock of Ages to be a delectable treat of everything that made that era such a perfect mesh of big hair, leather, and altogether bad attire. And, I really liked it. I didn't expect much of anything from the movie and walked out with a smile on my face knowing I had possibly just seen the best popcorn flick of the summer and definitely the best (the only) musical this summer.

Yes, Rock of Ages is extremely cheesy and melodramatic to a fault, but this is a Broadway musical transposed to the screen. What did we expect?

All the actors do a bang up job with their vocal performances besides Mr. Cruise. He is definitely the most vocally challenged of the bunch. But, he's an actor trying to sing. I give him credit for thinking outside the box and attacking a different type of role. Plus, his comedic delivery is outstanding in this film. However, the true comedic gold mine lies in the pairing of Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand. Those two are absolutely hilarious throughout. The way they play off each other is brilliant.

I can honestly say that I completely enjoyed Rock of Ages. I'd like to do a more thorough review at some point because I honestly feel this movie is getting a bad rap. It's cornball, cheesy, schlocky fun delivered in a big budget summer movie package. That's all. Enjoy yourself. That's what this movie is about.