Cinematic Releases: Ted

In a theatrical market that is absolutely starving for something original, along comes Ted and completely vanquishes my fear that creativity is dead. Ted is one of the most clever comedies I've seen in years. While using absolutely profane dialogue, the film hits a high mark with it's stunning use of a computer generated character and it's many throwbacks to the films I grew up with.

Mark Wahlberg should pat himself on the back for finally finding a piece of work that sets him apart from the action roles he's been playing for years. This is one of his best roles since his dramatic introduction in Boogie Nights and is hopefully the start of a move towards more comedic films. Seth McFarlane delivers the goods with the most foul mouthed Teddy Bear I've ever heard in my life. His unique vocal talents and off color dialogue truly made this one of my favorite comedies of 2012 and possibly the last 10 years.

Children of the 80s will love all the nods to Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Flash Gordon. While it didn't necessarily make it a better movie, the pop culture references kept it interesting while adding a satirical twist to an already genius film.

If you're looking for a comedy laced with drug use, filthy language, an original plot, and love sex with stuffed animals, I think Ted is the film that you want to see this weekend. I laughed out loud throughout this movie and will definitely see it again. It's that good.