Featured Article: What Ever Happened to the Movie Star?

In the years since the advent of reality television, on demand programming, and instant gratification, the movie star has completely disappeared off the cinematic map. Yes, we have our George Clooney, the Angelina Jolie, and a resident talentless hack known as Channing Tatum. But gone are the days of the true movie star.

When was the last time we had an actor of stature like Clark Gable or Cary Grant? You can't answer that because you can't remember. Where is our Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn? There isn't one and there never will be. The entire definition of "movie star" has been ruined by the instant streaming media attention that saturates the modern market.

In the past, actors were known for their performances.They were respected for their talent and charm. In this day and age, everything is hand delivered to us daily in a nice little package called the internet. We are unfortunately privy to every small detail of every actor's daily routine and private details. Yes, Angelina just adopted her 22nd child. Does this make her a great actress? No, but a strong performance would. Knowing all these personal details ruins that old school aura of becoming that long lost starlet that entered the void of modern technology some time around 1998.

I'm not complaining because I know that technology and all it's advances are a tool by which I am writing this article. However, I realize that the constant streaming knowledge that we are hand fed every day has led to the demise of the true movie star. Gone is the mystique. Gone is the glamour.

When I look at pictures of movie stars from the past, I feel what has been lost and will probably never be regained. Yesterday's actors had their human faults. But it wasn't shared intravenously with a public that can't control it's addiction to gossip and celebrity knowledge. If people would take a step back and stop feeding the gossip machine, maybe we can get our movie stars back. I would like to see that day.

Did you hear that George Clooney is gay? Who cares? The man can act. That's all I care about. End.