Movie News: Get To The Choppa!!!! Arnie is Back for T5 and 6

This franchise will not die!!! As of today, it's official! Arnold is back for two more Terminator sequels. After that last installment that most people hated (personally, I liked it), Arnold is reportedly signed on to two more entries in the long running franchise. He's already in training mode preparing to star in the next two sequels.

The studio is reportedly still complaining about McG's work on Terminator: Salvation and they want two more entries to end the series on a high note. Personally, I thought T2 was enough and one of the best action/sci-fi flicks ever made. But, this is Hollywood we're talking about and they're not even close to letting this franchise go away any time soon. I'm just wondering who's gonna direct this thing. I'll reserve judgement until we find out.