Movie News: Wonder Woman!

Well, a Wonder Woman film is in the works...again!

This also means that Warner Bros. is finally smartening up and they want to get a Justice League film on the big screen, but not before hopefully rebooting every character they managed to completely disrespect (and, yes, that includes Batman, in this writer's opinion). Now they just need to figure out how to make Wonder Woman NOT be the silliest most ridiculous superhero film ever made, forget Martin Campbell's unfocused mess of a Green Lantern ever happened, and actually get Flash rolling, which ironically has probably been in a slower development hell than all of the characters.

I'm not sure if Zack Snyder's Superman was written with a Justice League film in mind, but if not, I bet Warner Bros. will throw a couple extra dollars at Snyder for some reshoots and additional scenes with the purpose of nodding to Justice League. It would be smarter than funding an entirely new Superman film just to set up for it, but, hey, I'll leave the out-of-touch decision making to the business men.

So, now it's time for the obligatory, "Just have Joss Whedon do it." Whedon had actually written a Batman film once already, and him and Joel Silver were, at one time, pushing for a big Wonder Woman adaptation. As much as I adore Whedon and what he has done for Avengers -- and comic films in general -- I'd like to get a different eye. Personally, I'd love to see a Whedon script for a Snyder film.

More than anything, I'm excited just for the fact that this means more Green Lantern!
-J.G. Barnes