New To Blu: 21 Jump Street

The armageddon must be near because I'm about to eat my words two times in a row. So, here we go. 21 Jump Street is actually a good comedy. And Channing Tatum actually has some talent. Wow. That hurt. I've been bashing Tatum incessantly for months and have finally found something that suits him well. And it's comedy.

21 Jump Street does exactly what most comedy remakes fail to do. It takes an established franchise and creates a fresh take with a silly plot and over the top characters while modernizing a classic television show. 21 Jump Street is far better than the Starsky and Hutch or Dukes of Hazzard movies with it's hand tied behind it's back.

If there's any question about renting this movie, do yourself a favor and check it out. There's plenty of laughs, some decent character development, and some great one liners. My only issue is the constant profanity. Some of it seemed aimless which usually points to script problems or the lack thereof. However, I'm going to recommend seeing this movie. Wow.