New To Blu: American Reunion

American Reunion is Hollywood's latest attempt at cashing in on a once successful franchise with a movie that is a sad sad shadow of the previous franchise entries. While the film has a few laughs, it's ultimately an effortless affair with some of the worst acting of the whole series.

Their are two main problems with this film. The first being that half the cast hasn't done much since American Wedding, meaning their acting chops have taken a fair beating. Chris Klein was never much of an actor but he's just horrendous in American Reunion. The same goes for Tara Reid. She's like a blond plank of wood handed a terrible script. The saving grace of the film is Seann William Scott's Stifler. Like all the films before, Stifler's grasp of foul language at least keeps the film interesting if not hilarious at times. The second being that it's simply a rushed comedy that isn't nearly as funny as other comedies released this year.

If you're a fan of the original trilogy, don't expect to laugh as hard or as often. American Reunion does have it's laugh out loud moments, but it all feels like a sad attempt to cash in on the Porky's of our generation. I'm sure they'll be another sequel, American Vacation. I'm not sure I'll be along for the ride. This franchise is tired and needs to be put to bed.