Rock Docs: Hit So Hard - The Life and Near Death Story of Patty Schemel

Hit So Hard is a documentary that chronicles the life story and drug fueled journey to self fulfillment of rock drummer Patty Schemel. It's a moving piece that will be of interest to anyone that was witness to the musical uprising of the early 90s. The film not only captures Schemel's experiences as the drummer of the Courtney Love fronted Hole but also documents her close relationship with Kurt Cobain.

As a person that experienced the grunge scene and movement first hand, this was an endearing piece that filled in the blanks and gave an insider view in to the drugs that claimed the lives of many gifted artists of that era. Luckily, Schemel came out of the drug addled scene with a revived attitude and desire for life.

Having never been a fan of Hole but someone that saw them live at the height of the grunge era, Hit So Hard is a portrait of a time when music mattered and times were changing. This film chronicles the experiences and disappointments of someone that lived the rock star dream but found a way back to normalcy and a true desire for life. See it.