Cinematic Releases: Katy Perry - Part Of Me

Katy Perry: Part of Me is a fluff filled concert film that truly humanizes the bigger than life pop star. Not only does it capture Perry's larger than life world tour, it chronicles her fantastical rise to global stardom and the backstage dramatics she endured while becoming this generation's biggest pop icon.

As a fan of almost any documentary about music, I found Part of Me to be one of the most endearing, heartfelt portrayals of a celebrity ever captured on film. The movie depicts Katy's glamorous and sometimes stressful life while capturing her big heart and sense of humor in a shiny cotton candy package. As it interweaves concert footage with behind the scenes footage and her life story, you begin to understand that she's not just an over night sensation but a hard working song writer that spent years perfecting her bubbly craft.

If you've got a little girl, take her to see it. If you don't, take yourself to see it. It's a larger than life experience that might change your mind about Katy Perry. Part of Me features a strong message of following your dreams, making it an inspiring film for children. I absolutely enjoyed myself and think you will too.