Cult Cinema: The Loved Ones

Let's just get this out in the open. Australian film makers do it better. They have a sense of theatrical style, visual dynamics, and overall artistic feel that American cinema is simply lacking. The 2009 film The Loved Ones is further proof that even horror is better when it comes from down under. The film is a satirical romp that turns the genre on it's head with a mind bending excursion in to the deepest recesses of absolute horrific violence.

Much like the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Loved Ones is a game changer. It takes the standard horror tale, enriches it with torture porn and mixes in a major plot device we've possibly never seen in this type of horror movie: the villain is a vicious teenage girl. I hesitate to say more. But, any fan of the horror genre that's been disappointed with recent genre entries will be thrilled with this brutal story of unrequited love.

The Loved Ones finally delivers a modern piece that doesn't hesitate in it's glorification of violence and brutal humor. Definitely check it out if you think you can stomach it.

-Review by Chris George