Interview: 5 Questions With Timo Vuorensola - Director of Iron Sky

The Movie Sleuth presents our first ever 5 Questions session as we interview Timo Vuorensola, director of 2012's most creative film, Iron Sky.

CG:Why Iron Sky and what influenced you to make a movie about Nazis on the moon? Personally, I'm a sci-fi nut and loved the movie. I wish that more directors would make creative movies like this. It was a creative idea that mixed up awesome special effects, humor, and a highly original plot.

TV: Thank you! Iron Sky was born from the realization that although Moon Nazis are a famous topic on conspiracy theories, nobody has really taken the best kick out of it so far. There's also something very visual about the idea, so we just couldn't avoid doing the film. Biggest influences were for sure Starship Troopers and Dr. Strangelove.

CG: Was it easy to find financing for a movie like Iron Sky, or was it something you funded yourself? If not, what kind of hoops did you have to jump through to scrape together a budget. 

TV: The financing was a long and painful process, and the best understanding on how it works can be found from our website at, from the financing section.

CG: Who are your favorite directors and how do you use their influence when making an independent film?

TV: I admire Cameron, Scott and David Lynch the best. Their work shows that there are no limits and no restrictions - anything can be made into as great film if there is passion and devotion available.

CG: On a similar note, what are your favorite movies and how did they influence the production of your latest movie, Iron Sky. 

TV: My favorite movies are quite different from Iron Sky, so influneces are a bit harder to track - but Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Mulholland Drive and Melancholia populate the top list for me.

CG:What's next for Timo? We'd love to see more from you.........soon.

TV: I'm working on a US film, a sci fi action based on a comic book, and a UK coproduction also based on a comic book, and the idea for Iron Sky sequel is definitely in discussions.

We thank Timo for taking time out of his busy promotion schedule to answer our questions