Movie News: New Writer Aboard the Cursed Ghostbusters 3

Despite the disinterest of resident crab ass, Bill Murray, there appears to be some people (Dan Ackroyd) that just can't seem to let this franchise die. After all, Ghostbusters 2 wasn't nearly as good as the first and it's been 23 years since that disastrous sequel failed to fully captivate audiences. Why Aykroyd is so motivated to make another entry that will never live up to the first, I have absolutely no idea.

Well, Etan Coen, the writer behind Tropic Thunder and MIB III has officially been brought aboard to breath new life in to a script that's been passed around more times than Lindsey Lohan at a cocaine orgy. Do I believe the movie will ever see the light of day? Hell no.

Bill Murray is correct for maintaining some integrity. The first was a classic. The second sucked. Why try to revisit the past when you can never top one of the best and brightest comedies of our time? Without Murray, this movie should not be made. Leave it alone, Aykroyd.