New To Blu: The Hunter

As mentioned in my review yesterday, The Hunter further proves that Australian films are truly some of the most remarkable cinematic pieces of the past few years. While The Hunter is a slow paced independent film that may not appeal to audiences at large, it's a film that captures the essence of one man's journey and will make you respect Willem Dafoe as one of the best actors of our time.

Dafoe has always been an excellent character actor, but in The Hunter he shows a side we've not always been privy to. This is him at his best giving us an emotionally charged, dynamic performance that peers deeply in to the soul of this man's journey. The Hunter is a simple story that uses Willem Dafoe and Sam Neill to their full potential as two men on opposing sides of a dark struggle to locate the mysterious Tasmanian tiger.

Again, The Hunter is not fast paced. In fact, it's one of the slower paced movies I've seen in 2012. However, the film maintained my interest with it's unique story and some excellent performances by all involved. I would strongly suggest seeing it to fans of independent cinema.