What's To Come..........

The Movie Sleuth: Home Of The Spoiler Free Review

Well, the first year as Spoiler Free Movie Sleuth has been an interesting one to say the least. We've seen our ups and downs and made a few drastic changes. After much consideration, I've decided to start transitioning the site to a new site which will be The Movie Sleuth. Spoiler Free Movie Sleuth didn't quite roll off the tongue and was ultimately making traffic a little light at times.

In the interest of bringing better advertisers, more traffic, and an altogether more fluid site we will begin the transition immediately. In the first day of introducing the new domain, traffic was four times the amount of our standard daily viewership.

For a while you will be able to find the site at either www.themoviesleuth.com or www.spoilerfreemoviesleuth.com. The format will stay the same as we continue to bring you spoiler free reviews and articles on our favorite subject, movies. Thanks for reading and we hope to continue bringing you the best spoiler free reviews on the net.