Article: The Worst Movie of All Time

Let's face it. We've all sat through a movie and said to ourselves afterwards, "That was the worst movie I've ever seen". For me, the worst movie of all time is not just one movie. It's a category.

So, this past week, I asked all my Facebook friends the question. "What is the worst movie you've ever seen?". This is the list that we came up with in no specific order. However, Dreamcatcher and The Happening were mentioned the most. I found it highly amusing that each of these movies featured a Wahlberg brother in one of the main roles. Also, the name Adam Sandler was tossed around quite a bit. I wonder why. Did you ever see Jack and Jill?

The list in no specific order:

Howard The Duck

Leonard Part 6

Batman and Robin

Jaws The Revenge



10000 BC

Meet the Deedles

Blair Witch

Porky's 2

License to Drive

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

Donnie Darko

Staying Alive

Over the Top


Garden State

Flowers in the Attic

Dick Tracy

The Room

Wild Wild West

Birdemic: Shock and Terror

The Happening

Tank Girl

Battlefield Earth


Alone In The Dark

Rocky V

One Missed Call

Plan 9

Masters of the Universe

Sucker Punch

The Spirit

Human Centipede

The Core

Wicker Man

A Serbian Film

Corky Romano

Paranormal Activity

Hope Floats


The English Patient?

This is a strange list. While some people find The Blair Witch Project to be a genre defining moment, others say it's the worst movie ever. The same with The Happening. I love that movie. It's like an extended 90 minute Twilight Zone episode and one of Shyamalan's best pieces of work. Others despise it. And that's okay.

There is a distinct point to this list. Do you remember what your dad told you about opinions? They're like ass holes. Everyone has one. That's how we at The Movie Sleuth approach our reviews and articles. While critiquing and criticizing films, we must respect each other's opinion and never disrespect another's point of view because it may not align with our hard nosed efforts to convince you otherwise.

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