Cinematic Releases: The Expendables 2

To say that The Expendables 2 is a terrible movie would be a vast understatement. It is literally the most pointless waste of a budget I've seen this year. The movie is a constant string of plot holes lined with the most uncomfortable one liners ever transposed to film.

I'm almost embarrassed to say that I took the time to sit through this plot-less testosterone infused exercise in how not to make a good action film. Everything about the movie sucked from the terrible script to the dreadful cameos. The only saving grace, and I say this with much hesitation, was the performance of Jean-Claude Van Damme. Not ever in a million years did I think he could out do his venerable senior citizen action counterparts. But, he absolutely does.

Being someone that grew up with the nonsensical action movies of the 80's, I thought I could find it in my heart to love something that pays due respect to the flailing genre. Well, The Expendables 2 once again proves that this type of film should stay where it belongs, in a deep grave with the words "I Won't Be Back" inscribed on the tombstone. The genre is dead. Stop trying to dig it up. The 80's were the 80's for a reason and they're long gone. Let it die.

After reading several positive reviews, I expected that The Expendables 2 could have infused some new energy in to the action genre. Instead, I got a movie starring old men that can't act playing with machine guns and explosives trying to relive their glory days. Sadly, it just doesn't work. Yet, I could see a possible comeback for Van Damme. This is the type of role he's needed for a while. Maybe......just maybe he could have a cinematic resurgence in a modern martial arts film.