Cinematic Releases: Premium Rush

After several weeks of disappointing franchise fare and disposable remakes, we're delivered an adrenaline filled, action loaded package called Premium Rush. I wouldn't hesitate to say that this is one of the best end of summer movies that I've ever seen and quite possibly one the most fun movies I've seen this blockbuster season. Premium Rush never lets up in it's constant use of great chase sequences while utilizing the hyper talents of Joseph Gordon Levitt and Michael Shannon.

For months on end, I've been calling this movie a ripoff of the Kevin Bacon film, Quicksilver. Yeah, I was wrong. There are minor similarities, but Premium Rush is a much sleeker film that turns a basic plot about bike messengers in to an enjoyable end of season action film with a real human element. Levitt and Shannon continue to amaze me with their dynamic choices in movies.

For the first time in weeks I was actually happy when I left the theater. I was absolutely satisfied with the price I paid for admission. With it's scenes of extreme cycling, it's humorous edge, and a great cast, Premium Rush was unlike anything else I've seen this summer.

Skip seeing Expendables 2 this weekend and see Premium Rush instead. Why pay for old men that can't act when you can get two of the best actors of our generation together in one movie?