New To Blu: Battleship

Hasbro's Battleship movie is not quite the bad film that most critics would want you to believe. Yes, it's silly. Yes, the plot holes are big enough to fit a submarine through. But, all in all it's a silly popcorn action flick that serves it purpose of huge explosions, awesome effects, and dreadful dialogue. For the most part, I actually enjoyed this movie. I set all my predetermined notions aside and truly watched this movie not as a critic but as someone that wanted to be entertained. In that aspect, it delivered.

I've been bashing the idea of turning a toy or game line in to a movie for a while, but Battleship featured enough exciting action scenes and large scale alien destruction to maintain it's head above water for the full 90 minute run time. The worst part about the movie is Rihanna's lackluster acting skills, the non-use of Liam Neeson and the glaring plot issues. However, I don't think this movie was ever setting out to redefine a genre or break any new ground. This is the epitome of big budget alien invasion movies and it delivers.

A precedent was set when everyone just expected to hate this movie. Instead, we got an absolutely brainless piece of action fare that I would define as simple escapist cinema that I mostly enjoyed besides Rihanna's god awful line delivery. So, if you're in the mood to just kick back and see things get blown up, check out Battleship. It's not as bad as you thought.